dont come in because you want to fix me. there are no broken parts here. there are no doors hanging on their shingles or broken windows that need replacing. my floor boards dont creek and my cupboards hold no moth balls. there is silence here. and peace. and if you look closely there is loneliness lining the tops of my furniture, and cobwebs on my cutlery.

so you can come and clean up. you can open my window curtains and bring some light in. open them up and bring some air in. i could do without the mustiness in here. bring some sound with you too. only laughter is allowed. no fighting. no shouting. no angry words that will shatter the silence and leave me searching for their pieces in the middle of the night. bring table cloths too and candle lit dinners. bring bubble baths and wine that will warm our souls when there are no more words to be said. bring yourself. whole. not pieces of it that i will discover from your friends like a wrecked ship. that is all they ever do, wreck. 

bring your secrets with you. i have lots of rooms for those. bring your scars as well, i know all the right words to say to smooth the creases off your face. bring your skeletons along, my skeletons have closets big enough to hold yours. dont come in here to fix me. i am not broken. i am not lying here in fragments that need patching up.


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