Remember This

when you speak of marriage, speak of divorce. speak of the tearing of vows over midnight coffees. when you speak of marriage, speak of how your mother lost herself. how her days looked as bleak as her nights. how the stars she once carried in her eyes have turned into dull reflections of you.

when you speak of your father. remember your mother’s strength. remember how she walked like a queen on days when she felt like a slave to the world. remember how she held her head up even though her shoulders could barely hold them. remember that. remember the smiles she gave you. remember the day she broke into tears and your life was changed. remember that. remember how her chest heaved up and down like a bag full of anger monsters. you thought this then. you think this now. you think that monsters find shelter within our souls. sometimes they make homes there.

when you think of love, think fleeting. think fleeing. remember this. hold this. think running. think going. think never lasting.



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