Just a thank you

So earlier today I was talking to a (good) friend of mine. Me and him had a thing some two years ago. Today out of nowhere he says to me “sorry that I treated you like shit and fucked up with you. There are no excuses. I was an ass and I feel bad about it.”

This broke me the fuck down. I just sat and cried the fuck out of my heart. You have NO idea how much that meant to me. That un-asked for apology.

Most people that know me don’t know this. A lot of days for me are a struggle. I wake up in the morning and I have to battle with my body and mind that so often reject me. On some days I’m battling depression. On other days I am self-hating and ridiculing myself. All the time trying to avoid going back to that place when I used to cut myself.

When someone does something like that it just…it breaks me in a good way. For the first time I am feeling something I can’t use words to describe. Maybe that’s why I’m a teary mess.

Thank you for saying those words to me. Thank you for constantly checking on me even though I sometimes ignore you. Thank you for the time we spent together. Today, you made me happy. I rarely have “happy” days. Thank you.



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