Night lights.

I love night lights.
I love looking into illuminated shop windows long past closing time.
I love the comforting feeling that comes with knowing that I’m alone in a place full of people and I’m not lonely.
I love the night life. When the street laughter flicker on and off as if to erase the sins of the past day.
I love landscapes. Mostly because they are more honest about their imperfections than humans are.

I love rain when it pitter-patters across windows like a child learning their first steps but too proud to stop and listen to instructions and so even though it falls carelessly, it falls beautifully.

I love windows, because they let you see outside the box.
They give you a glimpse of the possibilities in your way if you would just step out of your comfort zone.

I love kids.
Mostly because they are like brand new discs,
With no scratches, no broken records,
So they hold no grudges,
And forgive as if their father died on the cross.

I love bars after 11 when everyone has left their sorrows at the bottom of their empty glasses.

I love 24 hr open chain stores with their racks of magazines with plastic covers so old from being fingered by everyone but are still perfect on the inside.
They remind me that no matter how many people attempt to bring you down, no matter how you look on the outside, on the inside you may carry lots of newness.

Still, sometimes I buy those magazines with stains on the inside.
Because even the ugliest of people need a little compassion sometimes.
And just because the cover looks stained on the outside is not to say the message has been destroyed on the inside.

I wrote this some three years ago on my first road trip from grahamstown to Johannesburg. The cities we passed through the night were just amazing!


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