Why I hate boys: A Trilogy


The man you think you are in love with,
Promises you time and meals over candle lit dinners
And you sell your soul to hope,
You buy faith from a man in a corner store that tells you
“If you rub this on your temples, your lover will see no one but you”
But maybe you didn’t follow the instructions right,
Or maybe you don’t know where to find your temples,
Because he is seeing everyone but you.


There are paths in between our fingers that we were never able to walk,
I was always too crippled by my past to hold onto your crutches.
You said to me once, “there is no truth”.
And you were right,
There is no truth in the way you say my name,
There is no truth to the promises you make,
There is no truth when you are moaning into my ear.


You hurt me.
That is all.
Goodbye Salsa dancer with the bayonet heart.


5 thoughts on “Why I hate boys: A Trilogy

    1. i know. i think there is a bit of irony within the title. this relationship or whatever it was didnt even last a month. i dont know if that makes sense.

      Thank you.

      1. lol, really? Thanks, i guess :”)

        Maybe there is some truth to that theory that says we right our best storied from heartache or misery, or something like that.

        Or maybe it is because you can relate?

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