Your Boyfriend’s Nightmares

He has nightmares when he sleeps. He tosses his body around and gnashes his teeth so terribly it gets too loud to sleep. Sometimes it scares me. Most times I get up and just watch him struggle, hoping he gets to wake up and not remember.

But the other night, it got so bad. So bad it scared me enough to want to hold him (you can barely hold the whole of him in that state, his body is always running, his arms flailing, his legs un-settled). And I did. I held the side of his face as he struggled. I rubbed his forehead with my other hand, kissing him softly in the process. And it stopped. The sounds from his mouth I mean. They stopped. He stopped struggling and went back to snoring. He left the nightmares and came back to the world. He came back to me.


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