Today, I will call you love

Someday the sun will come and it won’t be dressed as the dark anymore. It will hug your wounds and sun-dry them until they are dust-road maps that show how many cities you’ve conquered. They will look like egypt and pyramids, pharaohs and ancient civilisations that you will visit to remember how far you’ve come.

One day love will come. And he will teach you how to be yourself under bright neon-lights and eyes that will offer no judgement but understanding. And you will tap-dance to the music of his words because they sing freedom. One day. Love will come and you will explain how your demons have tea with you every night after the 11th hour has set and he won’t run…he won’t hide behind similies and half baked truths of forevers and fairy-tale prince charmings. Instead he’ll offer to bring the tea to your next meeting and will hold your hand as your demons try to own you.

Someday. We will be lying butt naked in your bed at 1 in the morning and you will tell me, “even if we don’t make it. I want you to remember this: you can be loved and cared for. You can be happy. If it’s not me, someone else will make you happy.” And I will look away and say, “don’t say that…DON’T say words like that. I’m too hard to cry.” And you will say, “I know. I know you don’t cry. But it’s ok to cry. I know you hate being vulnerable. But it’s not always a sign of weakness.”

Today. I will call you love. I will say you strolled into my life like a thief, un-suspecting in the dark of the night. Smelling of southern comfort and intelligence and filled with a sense of humour light as the sprinkles on cake frosting. And I welcomed you. I washed your feet with my tears and dried them with my hair. You called it healing. You called it the salvation that brought you to your knees and reminded you of God. Today, I will dress you up as my temple, I will cover you in scented candles and put gods to protect you. Today, I’ll accept your love. I won’t ask why me. I will instead embrace it and say yes me.


i found this in my drafts today and i thought, why didnt i ever post this? I wrote this some 3 years ago and the man in that conversation, i found out a few days later, was trying to say goodbye to our relationship.


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