How It Feels To Say “I Love You”

Remember the first time we tasted sour worms, how the insides of our mouth tensed up and curled in, how our tongues grew a thousand spikes that could taste sweet, sour and salty at the same time? We wanted more, even though the more we ate the more our tongues made ridges and valleys and sometimes cut.

I feel that way now, my tongue , it curls up into itself almost as if to hold the words back. The inside of my cheeks fold in and meet my tongue in collaboration. My brain refuses to let them co-operate with my heart and i am almost grateful for this form of cowardice.

But i know, sooner or later, like the sour worms, the sour will eventually wear off and my mouth will relax and make a home for you. And a part of me cannot wait for that day.


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